Knee rehab

Quick post about an ongoing issue for me, and for the whole world of nigglily-injured (yes, nigglily) chaps and chapesses out there. Medial collateral ligament strain. That’s the ligament on the inside (medial side) of the knee. It needs to be rehabbed, and I’m using a combination of traditional rehab tools that seems to be helping.



On the left, a lovely purple stability hedgehog. Stand on one leg on this spiky bundle of fun and feel your ankle and knee ligaments working to hold you stable. See how long you can keep your balance on it, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

On the right, a fairly new, unscratched, rust-free 20kg kettlebell. Lighter, say 16kg, is worth it too, but any heavier, I feel , is counterproductive.

I’m simply adding the kettlebell – held on the same side as the leg I’m standing on – to the one-legged stand on the hedgehog, and trying to stay upright for as long as possible. This might be just a few seconds if I get a wobble on, or I might manage around 20-30 seconds. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It seems to be working.


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