Swing lag. Lag swing.


In my last post I made reference to the horizontal travel of the hips, from the rearwards hinge position to the full forwards extension. You can – and must – practise this: stand upright, you cheeky biped you, push your bum away behind you, spine neutral, to make that hinge position, arms by your sides, then snap your hips forwards. If you curl your lip slightly as you do it, you will become John Travolta. And demand a pack of white Calvin Klein T-shirts every day.

Were you to do all that, with or without the lip curl, while holding a lovely kettlebell in your hands, then you would have been on the way to carrying out a decent kettlebell swing.

Which brings me to the main point of this post: a decent kettlebell swing is one in which there is a small but discernible time lag between your hips snapping through and the bell reaching the apex of its swing. And the same time lag between your hips reaching their rearmost hinge position and the bell arriving at the its lowest point between your legs. The bell is playing catch-up with your hips, because your hips are generating – and absorbing – the force that moves the bell from under your legs.

Practise, as ever, in (relatively) long sets of 15-20 to get a feel for the rhythm, the tempo, and that barely perceptible time lag.


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