Go, go goblet.

Next in my not-very-regular mini-series on what to do with your newly arrived kettlebell covers the goblet squat.

I’ve touched on squatting – ‘Squonesty’, the post was called – before, so it remains to tell you about the ‘goblet’ part of the goblet squat. It involves holding the kettlebell in front of your chest as you squat. There’s an easier way to do it, and a slightly harder way to do it. For me, a goblet squat properly entails:

  • swinging the bell, two-handed, from between your legs, as for a kettlebell swing
  • cutting the swing short and bringing the bell towards the chest
  • at the top of the bell’s trajectory, flipping the bell over and catching it with the hands around the points where the handle joins the bell (so the inverted bell could be described as resembling a goblet), and holding the bell six inches or so away from the chest (see pic below: apart from being so ashamed of his kettlebell training that he’s gone to a remote rocky outcrop, the nice man has got a perfect hold on the just-flipped bell, three fingers around the ‘horns’ of the bell, forefinger and thumb around the base of the bell).
  • performing a squat…

…and repeating many times.


If the flipping and catching seems unsafe, just take the bell by the horns, right way up, hold it in front of your chest, and squat.

Holding the bell slightly away from your body makes your abdominal muscles work hard to stabilise your movement in the vertical plane. Squatting makes you a better human.


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