You heard me. SQUONESTY. Squat honesty. Honesty about the quality of your squat.

My last post was about the zenlike flow of a long set of kettle bell swings. It’s what god (god bless ‘im) made kettlebells for. It activates, strengthens and mobilises your posterior chain, from your Achilles tendon up through those soon-to-be-less puny calves, those soon-to-be-less-floppy hamstrings, those almost kettlebell-like buttocks (without the handle, obvs) and into your low back.

It’s simple, it’s straightforward, but it’s not necessarily easy. You need to have one or two things in place before you can gain the benefit from these long sets of swings, and being able to squat well is one of them.

So let’s be squonest about this. Can you go right down into a full squat, feet more or less parallel, HEELS ON THE FLOOR (sorry for shouting, but that one gets me every time), maximal flexion at hips and knees, bum as low as it can humanly go, back not too rounded? Can you? If so, grab that bell and get on with some swings.

If not, then work on it, work on it and work on it some more. The thing is, when you were a nipper, squatting was your normal way of getting to ground level. Look at the little girl at the top of this blog. It’s a natural, dare I say Primal, human movement. Practise by holding onto something for support – a sofa, the post at the bottom of your stairs (has it got a name?), but not your dog. Spend time there, it’s time well spent anyway, even if you don’t have a kettlebell to hand just yet. And be squonest with yourself.


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