Good question.

Someone asked me – in, I think, a positive way – why I was undertaking to blog about kettlebells. Good question. Loving to train, and to train and coach others, especially with kettlebells, is one thing; blogging about the mighty iron blobs is another.

Is it because I like the sound of my own keyboard? Probably. Will it make me feel a little less unimportant? Possibly. Does it scratch a creative itch? Definitely. Will I be able to pay my children’s university fees from it? Absolutely not.

Deep down, what I want is for YOU – yes, you – to become stronger. Stronger in body,  and stronger in mind. And, by extension, more comfortable in yourself. Happier, even. At peace. I want the best for you. Really.

I’m not selling you anything, I have no system, no franchises, no DVDs, nada. I’ve taught and coached (and, spookily, even taught coaching to coaches), and written, all my life; the urge to communicate stuff that will help people get better at stuff is a strong one, and I’m too weak to fight it just now.


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